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Aeson Tech Fabrications offers a complete line of truss to meet all your aluminum truss needs, from decorative truss, to light duty truss, to medium duty truss, to multi-purpose truss, to heavy duty truss, to truss corners, to truss accessories, to truss speaker towers, and to truss roof systems.

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Highest Load Factors in the Industry

Our load factors have been established by Entertainment Structures Group, Structural Engineers, Cincinnati, OH. There are three (3) factors that affect the strength of a piece of truss; shape, components and welding. Aeson Tech features the triangle in its construction. The apex of a triangle is the strongest shape known to mankind. We use the finest components. Aluminum Alloy- AW-EN 6082- T6. 50*3mm main tubes. 25*2mm braces. 38*2mm horizontals. Our welds are TUV approved.

Based on the above factors Aeson Tech has the highest load ratings in the industry!

Aeson Tech introduces 12” x 12” NON-WELDED... Forked Box truss at the same price as spigotted truss!

Advantages of forked truss:

  • Better load factors than spigotted truss.
  • No noise when connecting.
  • Connects very quickly.
  • No connection problems connecting the final piece of a square grid.
  • Inexperienced stage hands will not be able to hammer the wrong end of the pin into a coupler.
  • A conical coupler connection uses 4 couplers, 8 pins and 8 “R” clips. A fork connection uses 4 large pins.
  • Few if any parts can go missing.
  • Forked truss an create angles and octagon grids without the need for additional corners.
  • Price point marginally more than spigotted truss.
  • The competition do not offer 12” x 12” forked truss as forked truss has traditionally been very expensive.
  • Our pre-hung, 30” x 15.75” fork truss has swivel connectors that can attach either vertically and horizontally which can create many angles without the need for additional corners.